Safety, Health, Environment and Quality Policy Statement.

It is the objective of Brickmongers (Wessex) Limited to continue to benefit our people, customers and those who work with us by providing Specialist External Building Materials which meet or exceed the standards required by our customers and stakeholders.

In order to achieve this objective, the company has established and shall maintain an effective Integrated Management System.

As an integral part of this, the company shall apply the following:

  • Identifying our customers’ needs and expectations through effective communication, reviewing of customer requirements and to satisfy those needs/expectations.
  • A commitment to the prevention of pollution, accidents and incidents through determining and reviewing the significant HSE aspects/hazards relating to the business and provide the necessary resources in order to apply appropriate control measures.


  • Establishing and communicating meaningful SHEQ objectives and performance targets to all staff together with regularly reviewing performance as a basis for continual improvement.


  • Developing and implementing controlled processes.


  • Driving a commitment to continual improvement in our Operational and SHEQ performance.


  • Complying with the requirements of the business management systems together with measuring their effectiveness.


  • Identification and compliance with applicable, regulatory and other requirements to which we subscribe including National and International standards together with relevant codes of practice.


  • Developing employee skills and increasing their contribution to our SHEQ performance through involvement, effective information, instruction, supervision and training.


  • Developing supplier/contractor relationships to obtain defect free materials together with on time delivery and encourage the development of SHEQ best practice.


  • A commitment to providing quality, choice, security and value for money in the products/services we deliver to our customers.


Richard Manthorpe

Managing Director