Brick Slips & Systems

Epsi Clad

Epsi-Clad is a universal, insulating profiled carrier system for both brick and stone slips, which eliminates the need for traditional skills and time consuming preparatory work.

The natural appearance and beauty of brick and stone within buildings can be maintained, whilst speeding up construction time and reducing the need for skilled labour.

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Brick Slips – SL Group

We are able manufacture slips from almost any brick type in a variety of thicknesses. You are welcome to supply your own bricks to be manufactured into slips or likewise we can supply the brick of your choice. With a multitude of colours, textures and sizes available we are sure to help.


  • SL.20
  • SL.25
  • SL.30
  • SL.40
  • SL.50
  • SL.2

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Brick Slip Angles & Returns ( Slip Returns ) – SLR Group

In addition to our slips mentioned above, we also offer the slip returns to suit. These are made to tackle external corners giving a professional and authentic appearance to the project. Again, these can be manufactured from most brick types.


  • SLR.20
  • SLR.25
  • SLR.30
  • SLR.40
  • SLR.50

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