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Brick Matching

“Most Brick Merchants who offer a brick matching service will invite you to send them a photograph of the brick you are trying to match.

Others will simply lead you to their website and suggest you look for yourself. Brickmongers Wessex is different.”

Covering an area including Hampshire, Dorset and West Sussex, our brick matching service is an example of the personal touch that sets us apart from other brick suppliers, as we will always match bricks by making a visit to site.

We are able to source from both the UK and imported markets providing an extensive range of stock bricks, wirecuts, handmade and bespoke blends. In fact, if we can’t supply it, it’s probably no longer available.

We will always provide a sample together with a no obligation quote, either directly to you or your chosen builder/contractor. We’ll even submit samples to the planning authorities should you wish us to do so.

With over 80 years’ combined experience in the brick industry we are confident our product knowledge and service are second to none.

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Brick matching
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